Agriya always have a thorough phase of research on each and every concept been developed as a product, thereby shows a progressive response from our clients across the globe. Agriya follows an innovative strategy in web development which is nothing but clone scripts.

Agriya’s SFPlatform is a best Kickstarter clone script, whereby it connects the project owners who wants to make their idea as a real-time application, and the funders who really want to encourage innovative ideas and turn out as a real-time application.

With the help of this SFPlatform, users can earn abundant benefits in terms of monetary option as well as exclusive business friendly features.


Project owners can keep their projects for extended period of time and this can be specified in the project posting phase itself and this is how we called as “overfunding”.

And for the webmasters, it generates indefinite range of revenue as follows.

User Registration Fee

Means once the user want to be a member of this SfPlatform, then he has to pay certain amount been defined by the webmaster and thereby they will become a member of the website.

Pledging commission

Admin can earn a definite commission amount for every pledge made by the backers towards the project.

And many more successful secrets are resides in this SFPlatform. So to get to know more about this exclusive SFPlatform, Feel free to contact Agriya and get the demo details. Once you get the details, use this demo to the core and check out all the features of it and do let us know your experience with SFPlaform.

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